Branch Total Solution

As the growth of a company is usually accompanied by an increasing number of branches (Branch) in many cities or sub-districts and of course it is necessary also control, monitoring and integration using centralized or scattered database applications.

HTSNET utilizes MPLS technology, VPN and Tunneling over IIX (TOI) has been proven to provide internet solutions between branches with headquarters with more affordable and reliable. 

With a variety of access / last mile technology are: fiber optic, cooper, wireless and vsat HTSNET can serve all infrastructure needs throughout the archipelago. 

Features :

  • Can serve the whole archipelago
  • Cost is more affordable
  • Network monitoring and handling between branches is handled by HTSNET, customers do not need to be associated with multi carrier
  • HTSNET helps analyze if there is an unsolved infrastructure problem
  • Backhaul to HQ with fiberoptic backup via wireless
  • Support 24x7x365
  • SLA 98% up to 99%
  • Monthly performance report based on troubleticket
  • MRTG with Cacti login