Rack and Colocation at Datacenter

Datacenter facilities are deployed to provide the availability of network systems and supporting infrastructure: electricity, air conditioning, fire protection, CCTV and physical security systems are ideal for placing critical servers that must be guaranteed 24x7x365 availability.

Self-running datacenter requires CAPEX and OPEX which are not cheap, therefore per-Rack or colocation per-server-server solution (in per-U size) is a solution that can be taken by companies that will optimize the critical servers that will be accessed Many users over the internet or intranet / Closed loop / Jartup

HTSNET provides rental services per-Rack or per-server (per-U) in the following datacenter:

  • Datacenter APJII floor 1 Cyber ??Building Jakarta
  • Datacenter IDC Duren Tiga Jakarta
  • Datacenter Cyber-CSF Jakarta (tersertifikasi Tier-3)