Blood Donor 2018

29 September 2018

Jakarta, 29th September 2018. Blood donor event activities held on the floor Ground Floor, Blok B, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. These activities are getting a lot of attention from visitors and peddlers store there. Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) that helps and became the main steward of the community give an appreciation on the Manager, and the official partners who have been assisting in the activities of the national program.

PMI has the mission to continue to promote blood donation as part of your lifestyle. Every year, PMI is targeting up to 4.5 million bags of blood according to the needs of the national blood, adapted to the standards of International health agencies (WHO) that is 2% of the total population for each day.

The magnitude of attention so makes a long line up to the front of the main entrance lobby. Gained any Charities with respect to the benefits and objectives of donor blood, such as maintaining heart health, increasing the production of red blood cells, help lose weight, get psychological health, detect serious illness.

"If we regularly then the blood donor blood cell donors will experience more rapid regeneration, always new and fresh. No doubt this is good for the body, "said Dr. Robby Nur Aditya, as doctors from the health and social division of PMI. "If we regularly then the blood transmit blood cell donors will experience more rapid regeneration, always new and fresh. No doubt this is good for the body, "said Dr. Robby Nur Aditya, as doctors from the health and social division of PMI.

But not everyone can do blood donors, PMI has terms and conditions for charities. You can transmit the blood when:

  • The age of 17-60 years (the age of 17 are allowed to become donors when it got written permission from parents)
  • Minimum weight 45 kg
  • Body temperature is 36.6 – 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • Excellent sistole blood pressure i.e. = 110-160 mmHg, 70-100 mmHg diastole
  • Regular pulse which is about 50-100 times/minute
  • Women at least 12 grams of hemoglobin, while for males at least 12.5 grams
  • The number of donation per year at most 5 times with a distance of at least 3 months donation
  • Potential donors can take and sign the registration form, and then undergo a preliminary examination, such as the condition of weight, HB, blood type, and continued with an examination of the doctor.

PMI does not permit if, after research results, Donors are known to have:

  • Ever suffered from Hepatitis B
  • Within 6 months after the close contacts with the hepatitis sufferers
  • Within 6 months after got a transfusion
  • Within 6 months after the tattooed/pierced ears
  • Within a period of 72 hours after dental surgery
  • Within 6 months after the minor surgery
  • In the period of 12 months after the minor surgery
  • Within 24 hours after the vaccination polio, influenza, cholera, tetanus diphteria or prophylactic
  • Within a period of 2 weeks after vaccination of parotitis epidemic live viruses, measles, and tetanus toxin
  • In a period of 1 year after the last rabies immunization injection for therapeutic
  • In a period of 1 week after the allergy symptoms disappeared
  • In a period of 1 year after transplanting skin
  • Being pregnant and within 6 months after delivery
  • 'M lactation
  • Drug dependence
  • Acute and chronic alcoholism
  • Contracted Syphilis
  • Suffering from Tuberculosis is clinically
  • Suffering from epilepsy and often seizures
  • Suffering from a skin disease on the vein (blood vessels behind) to be pricked
  • Have a bleeding or blood disease predisposition, such as thalassemia
  • A person that includes community groups that are at high risk of getting HIV and AIDS (homosexuality, morfins, another sex partner and user syringe is not sterile)
  • People with HIV and AIDS, according to the inspection results when blood donors

If these terms and conditions are already complete and fulfilled, and there is no problem in the body Donors, PMI will be transmitted the Blood Donors into the sacs measuring 450Ml or 350Ml. After the SAC is fully charged from transfusion Donors, PMI quarantine blood in temperature 2-6 degrees centigrade and the Platelets should be stored in the room temperature of 20-24 Celsius.

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