Indonesia E-Sport Championship

8 September 2018

Jakarta, September 2018. Kratingdaeng Esports Indonesia Championship 2018 (Kratingdaeng Indonesia eSports Championship 2018 2018 – IEC Kratingdaeng) is present to be the biggest eSports competition in Indonesia by targeting 20,000 participants from all over the city in Indonesia to compete in a variety of game types. The competition is divided into two rounds, the first round was the qualifying round (online and offline) for Mobile Legends and Playerunknown's battleground (PUBG). Then the second half is the grand final held on September 8-9 September 2018 in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD, South Tangerang. The total prize money up for grabs in the IEC this is over 1 billion rupiah.

In this event the Kratingdaeng Indonesia E-Sports Championship 2018 is supported by several sponsors who succeed, such as HTSnet in the internet service provider (ISP) who also works closely with the AFC Wave, as well as supported by Cambium Core and Edge Network became internet service giver to best professional players E-Sport Indonesia. Through the event, not just from the players who get to enjoy internet service. The visitors who attend can also easily to enjoy the service. Like Dani, one of the visitors who attended on Saturday, 8th September,/ 2018, reveal the "HTSnet had a very trusted internet stability, as a visitor I so enjoyed the service. In addition to stable, HTSnet is also the provider of the internet quickly and easily. "

In the title, in addition to being an internet service provider. HTSnet also became a consultant for the visitors who had problems when using an internet service provider, either from the Government, and private. Visitors can consult the technicians-technicians who have a license certificate official. HTSnet got a good attention from visitors who have the enthusiasm to ask further against problems in the network the internet and listen to what the solution is given.

Meanwhile, HTSnet has a hashtag unlimited internet, also offers discounts for those of you who want to enjoy the service and Quick Acces Turbo Acces. Turbo Internet Acces package now has a discount up to 100%. These terms and conditions are valid, 100% discount for the first month with a minimum of 3 months of installation. In addition, HTSnet also has other discounts, such as discounted 50% and speed double speed, you can subscribe for a packages Quick Access Medium only with Rp 1.5 million from the normal price of Rp 3 million. If your internet needs want bigger, without quota and unlimited. Let's try Service Pack Quick Access Elite only with Rp 3 million from the normal price of Rp 6 million. The above prices are in addition to the 50% discount is also valid for 6 months.