HWI and IIXS 2018

8 November 2018

The Hotel Week Indonesia (HWI) and Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit (IIXS) 2018 held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Exhibition Hall B. HWI is a major event of the hospitality industry, which in it any time there are numerous Stan-stan who peddle excellence and excess that is owned by any company. As many as ten thousand visitors and participants undertook to attend and enliven a series of seminars, races and exhibitions are held.

The annual event so the agenda remains Indonesia Internet service provider Association (APJII) was held to encourage collaboration in internet service provider with the perpetrators of the hospitality industry. With the theme ' Empowering Internet Efficiency Through Smart Solution ', IIXS this year participated and is decorated with a series of seminars with competent resource person to encourage capablitiy the industry growing and progressing.

Director of CNG Media & Event Organizer who became Henry describes the current needs of digital technology in the hospitality industry is increasingly high. The theme of Indonesia Internet Expo & Summit (IIXS) is actually similar to a theme that carried the previous year. Only, this time the organizers provide an opportunity for the Association to collaborate. "There are about 100 tenants that enliven the exhibition this year," says Henry.

Still, according to Henry, the needs of the hospitality industry not only will internet network. Complete solution starting from booking system, IPTV, to the processing of customer data is also sorely needed. Don't be surprised if at this time the property pretty excited watching the various solutions offered.

HTSnet as a provider of internet services, this year's booth hawked participated in G2-06. At the exhibition, HTS is working with the AFC Wave, DCS Indo, EDC, and Sisprima. In the booth, the various devices that encourage the development of technology hospitality industry sold. Visitors can ask related uses and advantages of the device, such as the Cambium and Grandstream Networks.

In addition to selling the device, as long as the event lasts no matter HTSnet provides the best service for the hectic enthusiastism Visitors by giving free internet. On the same occasion, HTSnet else has now been requested as an official partner of the AFC WAVE. As it is known, the AFC WAVE is an authorized distributor of device Cambium. HTSnet and the AFC have reached a new goal to improve the quality of the network in order to prioritize the hospitality industry in the development of technology and the information rapidly.

In addition to the internet service provider, HTSnet else is now carrying the theme "System Installation" and the "solution" is expected, with the theme of HTS hospitality industry would like to able to develop technologies that are growing and are not left behind in the times of yesteryear.

    On those systems, HTS is currently not only as an internet service but now has been providing customers with ease of service Rack Colocation, Mail Server, FTTH, IPTV, Fiber Optic, IPBX, IOT, CCTV/IP Camera, the Hotspot Portal & login.