Creative Store Tanah Abang

2 April 2018

Jakarta, 2nd April 2018. online businesses into one option that did not lose much frowned upon by the community at large. All the ease and benefits of online business for the community to be one of the reason. Online business is usually related to the sale of the online seller is offering a product complete with a price which has also been listed on the website or in social media. Then it happened, the slide can choose as he pleases. What's more, it's a lot of people who run online businesses with products offered are the same. Therefore, slide more freely in selecting products.

Online business, surely the more effort is required. The venture aims to assure the quality of the products that you sell to a buyer. In addition to that, the price you offer is also supposed to be entered in the sense. This is because the buyers today are smart shoppers. Before they bought they usually find out in advance about the product and the price range prevailing in the market.

The grant of a certificate for a HTSnet role and help online business development by Linawati Bevi, as the Property Manager of the block B Tanah Abang.

Accompanied by Creative Kiosk Inauguration Block B Tanah Abang as developing an online business for the tenant. Facilities are available for the online sales assistant, photo studio, computer, and wifi. Creative kiosk located in the Western zone of the 5th floor Block B Tanah Abang from Monday until Friday from 10:00 – 15:00.

HTSnet contributing to Tanah Abang block B by providing FREE HOTSPOTS across the floor with a steady pace and easily accessible. Let's develop your business online with fast Internet from HTSnet.