Cikarang Industrial Expo (CIE)

21 November 2018

industrial trade fairs the Cikarang Industrial Expo (CIE) organized by PT. three pillars of management Indonesia (TPMI) located in Plaza JB 2 Jababeka, Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java. The event takes place over three days, starting from the date of 21 – 23 November 2018. The inauguration of the event was opened by the Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of commerce and industry, the special region of Bekasi, H.Obing Fachruddin and PLT Bekasi Regent H.Eka Supria Atmaja. A theme that is carried in the year 2018 is "Smart City Indonesia Expo 2018" (SCIEX 2018) with the hashtag The Indonesia International Industry.

The opening starts at 09:30AM, H.Obing reveals if "Regency of Bekasi is the largest industrial area in Southeast Asia, so specific to this region (Kab. Bekasi) indeed many different types of industries. Ranging from SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES, as well as national and multinational companies. About 4000 companies stand here, so with many areas this means has many open many jobs for local people and newcomers, later the industrial factory area not only just standing, but could also be a tourist area."

As many 40 stans from different kinds of industry trade in the event. CIE 2018, followed by a variety of companies engaged in the field of equipment for the industry services provider & such as energy, construction, IT, Environmental Solutions, Bio-Fuel, and Security Services to connect safety & local and international suppliers, as well as contracting manufacturing industry, services techniques and sub-contracting, as well as the contractor of the project to their latest innovative features in serving the needs of local industry in Cibitung, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang and Cikampek. In addition to the existence of the trade show, the organizers also made a seminar related to the development of the international trade industry. In this year also the Committee for presenting technology solutions sector, to develop and utilize the Internet Of Things from the field result.

The one and only booth that presents technology and solutions is PT. Hawk Technology Solutions (HTSnet). The Manager of the building and the first event organizers using the internet in the annual event. "We as a Committee for the first time using the internet in the event of CIE, as on previous occasions there is no internet at all of the vendor's booth. In addition, the needs of the internet this year we also present to facilitate participant and speaker when a seminar is taking place, "said the mother of Febi, Chairman CIE 2018. HTSnet as one of the internet service provider in Indonesia this year is requested as an official partner of the internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure provider in the event. In addition, the visitors who come can access the internet free of charge, giving the internet needs fast, stable, and without any interruption. HTSnet uses 3 of the Cambium as the access point.

Through the event, HTSnet is ready to serve the network infrastructure solution for your business needs. On the same occasion, HTSnet has now collaborated with Cambium Networks, Edgecore, Mikrotik, Grandstream, and Ubiquiti.

At the event, HTSnet will overwhelm the visitors because it has a new attraction at the CIE. the resource person in the booth has any understanding of the technology and information that is very much needed by the visitors. Many visitors do faqs, one student of the Polytechnic META industry, "thank you, thanks to the presence of HTSnet I can learn more about the development of technology and information, as well as solutions. Then I know the needs about any device when you need to create a new building, "said Gdt, one of the students.

In addition to the internet service provider, HTSnet else is now carrying the theme "System Installation" and the "solution" is expected, with the theme of HTS industry hospitality would like to able to develop technologies that are growing and are not left behind in the times of yesteryear.

On those systems, HTS is currently not only as an internet service but now has been providing customers with ease of service Rack Colocation, Mail Server, FTTH, IPTV, Fiber Optic, IPBX, IOT, CCTV/IP Camera, the Hotspot Portal & login.